Project aims

The aim of the project is to make quality culture visible as a key factor in the sustainable implementation and institutionalization of quality management systems in vocational schools. Accordingly, suitable instruments are being developed with which steering opportunities are enabled both at system and provider level for the improvement of sustainable implementation of QM.

Central to the project is the development and testing of a diagnostic instrument to identify school quality culture. Discussion with and feedback from other national EQAVET reference points is indispensable.

The project partners want to deal with the aforementioned issues in the following way:

  • Establishment of an overview of the current state of research on the issue of survey of and influence on organisational culture at schools with regard to quality management.

  • Development of a diagnostic tool to identify relevant dimensions of “quality culture” in organisations of initial vocational education and training. Search for proofs for a correlation between organisational culture and the successful/unsuccessful use of quality management.

  • Elaboration of recommendations on which cultural framework conditions should be taken into account on the system and provider level in the implementation and consolidation of QM systems and how this should be done.


Work in progress/Products

Here you can find all the completed products.

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About the Partners

Six partner institutions from five countries - about the partners and their achievements during the project.

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Project Q-KULT has been successfully closed. Here you find more information about the events during the project.

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