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Jörg MarkowitschJörg Markowitsch
Senior Partner
Julia FellingerJulia Fellinger
Freelance Researcher
Monika AuzingerMonika Auzinger

Role and Responsibilities in the project
3s is leading partner for creating a selection bibliography on the subject "quality culture in schools". The results of this comprehensive literature research forms the basis for the development of a diagnostic instrument for the identification of school quality culture, the central goal of Q-KULT. In addition 3s is responsible for internal quality assurance of project results.

About 3s research laboratory
3s is one of the leading organizations in the vocational education and training research in Austria. 3s has an extensive experience in the design of projects in the field of knowledge, learning and working in the development of methods and tools for the prediction and assessment of qualifications and competencies, as well as in the coordination of European projects (e. g. in the context of Life Long Learning programs). 3s is a member of the reference network of CEDEFOP and advises ministries and the European Commission, about topics such as qualification framework and credit scoring systems.

The current work of 3s research laboratory focuses on:

  • Further education in Austria and Europe
  • Labour market and qualification structures in Austria
  • Development of quality assurance in VET
  • Internationalization in education and European transparency instruments

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Work in progress/Products

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About the Partners

Six partner institutions from five countries - about the partners and their achievements during the project.

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Project Q-KULT has been successfully closed. Here you find more information about the events during the project.

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