ARQA -VET - Austrian Reference Point for Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training (AT)

Involved in Q-KULT

Franz GramlingerFranz Gramlinger
Head of ARQA-VET
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Michaela JonachMichaela Jonach
Quality Management Expert
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Jouko LuomiJouko Luomi
Projeckt Manager
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Role and Responsibilities in the project
ARQA -VET is project coordinator and will support and coordinate the project within the OeAD. ARQA-VET is responsible for the overall coordination and management of the project. ARQA-VET is leading partner for the work packages 5 (Recommendations for the Implementation of the Results) and 7 (Dissemination). In addtition, ARQA -VET participates actively in all other work packages.
The Section II of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education and Women’s Affairs will support the project as an associate partner.

ARQA-VET was founded on the initiative of the BMUKK (Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture) in 2007 and currently has six employees. ARQA-VET is a European network nodal point and regards itself as a service institution that wants to serve the actors in vocational education and training in Austria as well and as comprehensively as possible by means of providing services and know-how in the fields of quality assurance and quality development. The objective of ARQA-VET is to cross-link these stakeholders – the customers – and to play an active role as a mediator from and to the European level. As one of so far 25 national reference points ARQA-VET also wants to act in a pro-active and innovative way in this European network.

The following fields of activity are at the core of ARQA-VETs work:

  • Information of the national stakeholders (these are the actors in vocational education, e.g. educational institutions, social partners and companies as well as those in vocational further education and training) about the activities of the European network and vice versa.

  • Active support of the implementation of the work programme of EQAVET.

  • Development of specific measures to support quality assurance and quality development in the field of vocational education and training.

  • Awareness-raising amongst stakeholders concerning the advantages of the application of the principles, methods and tools of quality assurance.

  • Operational support of section II Vocational Education and Training of the Federal Ministry for for Education and Women’s Affairs in the implementation of QIBB (Quality Initiative Vocational Education) and the national and European activities of EQAVET.

Ebendorferstraße 7
1010 Vienna
Tel.: +43 1 53408-301


Work in progress/Products

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About the Partners

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Project Q-KULT has been successfully closed. Here you find more information about the events during the project.

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