Senator for Children and Education, Bremen (DE)

Sabine KurzSabine Kurz
Consultant for quality improvement and innovation funding
Helmut IttnerHelmut Ittner
Teacher at the school center R├╝bekamp in Bremen, project coordinator for quality projects of SfBuW
(WiQi; Q-KULT)

Role and responsibilities in the project

The cooperation of the Senator for Education and Science will focus in this project on the following aspects:

    • Evaluation of the systematic literature research in the field of "quality, organization or school culture"
    • Collaboration in the development of a theoretical concept to 'quality culture'
    • Development of the diagnostic instrument for identification of quality culture at VET schools
    • Testing of the diagnostic instrument at selected vocational schools in the partner countries
    • Evaluation of the testing phase
    • Participation in the development of suggestions for generating a quality culture which enhances successful implementation of quality systems.

    Rembertiring 8-12
    28195 Bremen
    + 49 (0)421 361-14185


    Work in progress/Products

    Here you can find all the completed products.

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    About the Partners

    Six partner institutions from five countries - about the partners and their achievements during the project.

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    Project Q-KULT has been successfully closed. Here you find more information about the events during the project.

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